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TMG Timelines

These are all the TMG Timelines I can find.  If you know of any others, or have an updated version, you can send them to me and I'll put them up here.

  General History of Daily Life since 1700 Contributed by Gregg Schlaudecker. DAILYLIF.ZIP
    Composers, from mediaeval to modern. Contributed by Kâre A. Lie. COMPOSER.ZIP
    Popes and Antipopes since Peter Contributed by Jean François Languy POPES.ZIP
United States General U. S. presidents (provided) Contributed by Lissa Soergel. USPRES.ZIP
    Admission of U.S. States to the Union (provided) Contributed by Lissa Soergel. STATES.ZIP
    Wars in the United States from 1620 to Viet Nam Contributed by Marcy Heathman. WARS.ZIP
    Civil War events and battles (currently through 1863) Contributed by Merryann Palmer. CIVWAR.ZIP
    Military Conflicts in America Contributed by Tim Doyle BATTLES.ZIP
    History of the Cheyenne People Contributed by Timothy D. Cook. CHEYENNE.ZIP
    U.S. Transportation Contributed by Billy R. Tew. TRANSPRT.ZIP
    U.S. Census   CENSUS.ZIP
By U.S. State History Texas Contributed by Taylor Klett. TEXAS.ZIP
    History of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County, Texas Contributed by Taylor Klett. FREDRKSB.ZIP
    California   MISSION.ZIP
  County formation Alabama Contributed by Karon Bosze. ALCO.ZIP
    California  Contributed by Marc Irish. CACO.ZIP
    Kentucky  Contributed by Lee Hoffman. KYCO.ZIP
    Montana Contributed by Timothy D. Cook. MTCO.ZIP
    North Carolina Contributed by Gwyneth Duncan. NCCNTY.ZIP
    Pennsylvania Contributed by Christine Crawford Oppenheimer. PACO.ZIP
    Tennessee Contributed by Karon Bosze. TNCO.ZIP
    Virginia/West Virginia  Contributed by Karon Bosze. VAWVCO.ZIP
Other Countries Australia Prime ministers   AUSTPM.ZIP
    Some Dates of Importance in Australian History Contributed by Colin A. Cunningham. AUSTHIST.ZIP
    British Regiments in the Australian Colonies Contributed by Colin A. Cunningham. BRREGTS.ZIP
  Canada History Contributed by Greg Stott. CANADA.ZIP
  England Ruling Kings/Queens of England from 802 until 1994. Contributed by Philip Freund. ROYENG.ZIP
  Scotland Laws:  the development of the separate Scottish legal system. Contributed by Neil Reid. SCLAW.ZIP
    Church of Scotland history from the early 1600s to 1903. Contributed by Neil Reid. SCCHUR.ZIP
    Kings and queens from 500 AD until the Union of Parliaments in 1707, plus battles Contributed by Neil Reid. SCRULE.ZIP
  Germany A History of Germany over the last 500 years Contributed by Juergen Amling. GERMANY.ZIP
  Norway History of Norway Contributed by Kâre A. Lie. HISTNOR.ZIP
    Kings of Norway from 950 A.D. Contributed by T. Haugodegard. NORKING1.ZIP
  Sweden A Historical Overview Contributed by Bob Paulson. SWEDEN.ZIP

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System Requirements for TMG/Win

  • Windows-compatible printer
  • Sound Blaster or compatible sound card
  • Twain-compatible Scanner

The requirements are not as high for TMG/DOS. 

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The Master Genealogist for Windows: $129.00

CD-ROM only. Includes instructions for ordering 3.5" installation disks.

The Master Genealogist for DOS: $ 99.00

3.5" floppy only.

Add $4.00 shipping and handling within the U.S., actual price overseas. California residents add 8.25% sales tax.

Toll Free Order Line: 1-800-982-2103
Order by e-mail or by mail to:

Wholly Genes, Inc.
6868 Ducketts Lane
Elk Ridge, Maryland 21075

TMG can also be ordered from other distributors (sometimes for less). Info about other distributors is available on the Wholly Genes website.  

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Wholly Genes, Inc.
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Columbia, Maryland 21075

TMG's Bulletin Board System (703) 823-5216 (8N1)
Technical Support (410) 796-2447 M-F, 10am-6pm EST


(410) 379-5424
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Newsletter Subscriptions

The text of TMG newsletters can be downloaded free from the TMG BBS or at regular online rates from Compuserve (GO GENSUP) and other electronic services.

Hard copy subscriptions are available by U. S. Mail for $15.00 for four issues per year. Add $5.00 postage for Canada and Mexico; $10.00 for other countries.

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In addition, you can get great help from the TMG Internet Mailing List, TMG-L. Bob Velke and Lissa Soergel participate actively, as do many beta testers and longtime TMG users. To subscribe, send a one-line e-mail message to with the words "subscribe TMG-L" (without the quotes) in the body of the message. Tim Doyle maintains a zipped file of all TMG-L posts through 16 February 1995, accessible through his home page.

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I am not an employee of or affiliated with Wholly Genes Software in any way. I'm just a very satisfied customer who wants to make sure that people can access public information from the Web.  Most of the text on these web pages comes directly from the Wholly Genes website.

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