The Master Genealogist

The Master Genealogist

[Nota bene: this is the product announcement from 1993 when TMG v1.0 began shipping. On April 21, 1995, TMG v1.2 began shipping. Version 1.2 includes many new features, report formats, printer support, etc., which are not described here. The v1.2 Announcement describes the new features. All registered owners of previous versions of TMG will receive the upgrade to v1.2 free.]


Introducing a comprehensive research system representing a revolution in genealogical software!

The Master Genealogist (TMG) is the result of more than five years of design and promises to be the most flexible research environment available to genealogists and family historians today.

TMG breaks through the many barriers normally encountered in record-keeping systems and offers a professional environment for your research.

TMG is intended for the serious historian and encourages good research and documentation habits - beginning, of course, with professional source citations. Every item of data can be documented in as much or as little detail as the researcher chooses. In addition, researchers are no longer forced to make premature conclusions or compromises for the sake of data entry. Every event in a person's life can be recorded in full detail - including multiple variations of the same event.

Uncertain dates? Conflicting data? Multiple spellings? This only touches on TMG's power and flexibility. Search by married names? Uncertain parentage? Multiple lines of descent? TMG handles them with ease.

THE MASTER GENEALOGIST puts the power in your hands.

In addition to the most flexible work environment available, TMG offers all of the standard features you would expect from a professional research tool, including an integrated research log, a full-featured text editor, unlimited text fields, pop-up calendar, GEDCOM import/export, customized reports, and support for multiple date formats. You'll also find long-awaited features like complete source citations and astonishing new innovations like on- screen full-color images!

TMG made its debut at the 1993 NGS Conference in Baltimore, MD, in June, 1993, and received a very enthusiastic response. It began shipping later that month.

An abbreviated list of features:

In addition, TMG offers virtually unlimited field lengths for data entry. No more awkward abbreviations are necessary!




(Please read carefully!)

TMG is a powerful research tool which puts today's technology to work for you in ways that have never before been possible. This is the reason for its rather sophisticated hardware requirements.

Plans are underway for TMG/Mac and TMG for Windows. If you are interested in these products or if you would like to make comments or suggestions about their design, we'd love to hear from you.

(*) As would be expected, your hard drive may impose its own limitations as to file size. If you want to record more than one billion people, then you probably shouldn't be using a PC anyway.

The price of THE MASTER GENEALOGIST (TMG) version 1.0 is $99.00 plus $4 shipping and handling ($8 s&h for international orders). California residents add 8.25% tax ($8.17 per copy).

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