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The Master Genealogist v3.0 for Windows

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TMG is the complete family history project manager for Windows 3.x, Windows 95 or Windows NT. Whether you are a weekend hobbyist or a professional researcher, TMG comes with everything you need to:

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Limited Only by Your Imagination

If you are disappointed with the limits of other family history software, you need look no further! TMG supports an unlimited number of:

  • people
  • freeform text
  • events per person
  • photographs
  • names per person
  • sources
  • relationships
  • citations
  • user-defined events
  • repositories
  • user-defined flags
  • independent projects

And most data entry fields are of unlimited length - so there's no need for awkward abbreviations!

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Bring Your Data With You

When you upgrade to TMG, you can import your data directly (i.e., without GEDCOM) from a long list of other genealogy programs.

While TMG will also import data through GEDCOM v4.0 or v5.5, the direct import modules generally produce much better results and are strongly recommended.

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Step Up to Professional Tools

TMG was designed by experienced genealogists who understand and prepare you for common research problems, including:

  • conflicting data
  • contradictory sources
  • uncertain dates
  • spelling changes
  • adoptions
  • multiple lines of descent
  • unwed parents
  • extra-long place names
  • "Old Style" dates
  • missing data
  • disproven data
  • sensitive data

Special features not found in traditional genealogy software make it easy to:

  • pursue theories
  • trace medical conditions
  • establish parent or child candidates
  • document witnesses and other non-primary roles
  • record any type of event (including LDS events)
  • search for Soundex or true phonetic matches
  • record all of the evidence, not just your conclusions
  • search by married name or spelling changes
  • integrate historical timelines
  • conduct Boolean (and/or) searches

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Easy for the Beginner to Use

The novice researcher can be productive within minutes. More powerful features and hot keys are gradually revealed as the user gains more experience.

A point-and-click interface makes navigation and common features easy to use. Data entry is made easy with repeat keys, macros, lookup tables, and other shortcuts. TMG's interface is designed to stay out of your way so you can concentrate on research!

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Have It Your Way

While TMG comes ready to print dozens of predefined reports with no hassle, its powerful Report Wizard can also guide you through the easy steps to define your own! With access to hundreds of options, powerful filtering tools, and font control, you are in control and your reports are truly one-of-a-kind! And when you save your creation by name, you can generate the same report again later in one easy step!

TMG puts an end to monotonous automated "narratives." The Master Genealogist puts creativity into your hands by giving you control of every sentence in every paragraph! By honoring your preference globally or locally, TMG's narrative reports actually reflect your writing style!

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Unbeatable Reports

The Master Genealogist produces dozens of narrative reports, charts and forms designed for research, correspondence, and publication, including many varieties of:

  • Family Group Sheets
  • Pedigrees
  • Ahnentafels
  • Customized lists
  • Individual reports
  • Descendancy reports
  • Ancestral reports
  • Statistical distributions
  • Register reports
  • Modified Register reports
  • TMG Knows Word Processors

For maximum control, TMG can generate its reports directly to your word processor's format. TMG produces most reports in more than 50 native file formats, including:

Because TMG uses the native features of your word processor (not an RTF or transfer file), it seamlessly supports headers/footers, endnotes and footnotes, multiple indexes, table of contents, superscript/subscript, master documents, and much more!

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Publication Tools

TMG supplements its powerful reports with everything you need to publish a family journal or professional book including

  • Table of Contents
  • Headers/footers
  • Endnotes/footnotes
  • Memos and sources
  • Index of People
  • Index of Places!
  • Index of Marriages!

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TMG now produces most reports in HTML format for integration on the World Wide Web! (See samples). Elaborate web page construction tools include table of contents, endnotes, multiple indexes, and bibliography.  Now you can put data up on the Web, everyone with access to the Internet and a web browser can view it!

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All Utilities are Built In

Don't pay extra for:

  • Text editor
  • Research log
  • Relationship calculator
  • Regnal date converter
  • Spelling checker
  • Image conversion
  • Calendar
  • Date calculator
  • Exhibit log
  • Address book
  • GEDCOM import/export
  • Backup/Restore

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Cite Your Sources

When it comes to tracking your sources, The Master Genealogist really shines! Document your research in as much or as little detail as you like. TMG accommodates the highest academic standards and supports:

Sources are not required, but you'll find yourself recording them because it is so easy! You can:

Professionals agree - the value of your research is reflected in your sources. And nothing beats TMG's support for source citations!

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Puts Data at Your Fingertips

The CD-ROM version of TMG comes with the National Geographic Names Database, including the names, locations, and other data about more than 1.5 MILLION places in the U.S. - even the longitude and latitude of more than 100,000 private cemeteries!

TMG includes a number of historical timelines to help you to "see" your family in the context of history. Timelines can be created in TMG and shared among users. Many user-submitted timelines are available on-line or by request.

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Now Includes a Special Edition of the Ancestry Genealogy Library™

A bonus 2nd CD-ROM includes valuable reference databases from Ancestry, Inc.™, including

Note that, unlike other editions of the Ancestry Genealogy Library™ which are available through other sources, the infobases listed above are unlocked and searchable at no additional charge. A number of other valuable infobases are also included on the CD-ROM and are unlockable on a per-infobase fee basis.

The resources in the Ancestry Genealogy Library™ are the foundation of every good genealogical reference library - and seven infobases are FREE with the purchase of The Master Genealogist v3.0 for Windows!

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Now with Multimedia Support

Powerful multimedia features support more than a dozen graphics formats, digital sound, and scanning directly into TMG. Plus harness Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) with any other compliant software to integrate your data with slideshows, presentations, and even movies if supported by your hardware!

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Hardware Requirements

The Master Genealogist requires an IBM compatible PC (386 required, 486 recommended); Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT or OS/2; 8 MB memory (16 MB recommended); hard drive; mouse or pointing device; and VGA or higher resolution monitor. Optionally supports Windows-compatible printer; Twain-compatible scanner; and Sound Blaster or compatible sound card.

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You can download a zipped demo of TMG/Win

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