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I have been trying to get around to re-designing my website for years.  It was outdated and inaccurate.  I still haven't done it, so created this for the meantime.  If you want the original page, circa 1994, it's still here.

Here's the short list of things which have changed since 1997:

  • March 2008:  I started the Marshall Protocol in January and it is working.  It will be a couple of years before I am completely well, but I hope to be feeling better within a year
  • September 2007: It's been a hard year, but I am looking for a doctor who will try an experimental drug therapy to cure my chronic fatigue. I did nothing this summer. This fall I am working on a concert with the St. Jude Chorale at the Cathedral-Basilica October 7th. I will be singing two solos: one is the soprano part in the trio in Biebl's Ave Maria, and the other is the soprano solo in the Franck Panis Angelicus, scored for soprano, violin, chorus, and organ. It will be a wonderful concert, all in Latin with music from the Renaissance to the 21st century. My music is pretty much the only thing I have left right now, and people whom I respect have told me that my voice has grown significantly in the past couple of years (since I had hypnotherapy to get rid of my stage fright). I am really excited about the concert. And in December I am singing in a performance of the Christmas parts of Messiah, which work I love dearly and have sung many times. We hope to make it a tradition and I will audition for some solos as soon as they decide to let us amateurs have a crack at it, hopefully next year.
  • October 2006:  I have had a rough year and haven't practiced since June of 2005.  I had a bad relapse of chronic fatigue, followed by Hurricane Rita, and I'm only just now emerging from another relapse of chronic fatigue in summer 2006.   Trying to keep busy with things like the Beaumont Interfaith Choral Society (performing Mozart's Requiem in November 2006), my church choir (the St Jude Chorale), and the diocesan choir at our new basilica during our Jubilee Year.  (No Symphony of Southeast Texas chorus this year due to ongoing Rita repairs to the Julie Rogers Theatre.)  I am writing and studying in an effort to corral my creative drive into something useful (and hopefully remunerative).   I am also still hoping (I always hope) to begin practicing law again part-time soon.  But I am still too tired to do a major update to my website.  
  • July 2004:  justice.gif (1452 bytes) I am practicing law in Beaumont now with the firm of Lindsay & Morgan, P.L.L.C.  I was promoted to Associate of the firm in July 2004.  (No, they don't have a website.  I am working on them.)  Need any legal work done in East Texas?  Email me!  We do a bit of everything.  I have the best bosses in the world.
  • I was admitted to practice in the Eastern District of Texas (Federal Court) in August 2004, but haven't been sworn in yet.
  • I'm feeling much better, thanks in large part to massage therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments, not necessarily in that order. (August 2004)
  • I was sworn in to the Texas Bar on 11 September 2000.
  • I've been living with my parents in Sour Lake, Texas, since December of 1997.
  • That's because I became ill in September of 1997 and couldn't get better.  I am much better now, but still not back at 100%, and don't know if I ever will be.  It is chronic fatigue.  Basically it was a relapse of mono which lasted for a year or so, combined with chronic low adrenal (adrenaline) function.  (You know that feeling you get after an adrenaline rush, when you suddenly relax and feel drained?  I felt like that all the time.)
  • I continue to feel better all the time, almost "normal!"   Almost like what I felt like before I got sick!!  (June 2004)
  • I am not planning to go back to Chicago.  I will probably not leave Texas again, since almost all of my family is here.
  • I started an MLS (to be a librarian) in summer 2001 at UNT but decided not to pursue it.
  • I am playing the piano again and singing better than I ever have. (June 2004)

The short list of things which haven't changed, or haven't changed much:

  • I am actively researching the English Regency period (1811-1820), though I haven't done much OCRing of my unique out-of-copyright sources for the Regency Library lately.  
  • I am focusing my research on the life of Sarah, Lady Jersey (1785-1867).  I would like to write a biography of her someday.
  • My Titles Site remains a well-used resource.  I hope to get around to updating it soon.
  • Ditto the Regency Food page.
  • I am still pursuing the study of music, particularly choral singing, and have been active in my church choir, Lamar choirs, and Chorale and Chorus of the Symphony of Southeast Texas as my energy level permits. 
  • I am still actively pursuing genealogical research, and I still use TMG.
  • I am still working on a novel.
  • I still follow the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, which I started in December 1995.
  • I still have the Ghia (picture from February 1992, New Orleans).
  • I still love Star Trek and Babylon 5, even in reruns.
  • I am still frequently tired, but not as tired as I was!

If you're an old friend who's lost touch, I'd love to hear from you.  If you're an old enough friend, you might enjoy taking a look at a little site I have featuring La Porte Elementary School class pictures from the period 1975-1981!


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