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Bob Velke posted this to the TMG section of the GENSUP forum on CompuServe.

#: 6771 S2/Wholly Genes Softw.
    22-Apr-95  00:15:07
Sb: #6769-#TMG v1.2 is shipping!
Fm: Bob Velke/TMG 74774,653
To: Andrew M. Aube 75142,3434

Thanks, Andrew, and to everyone else who has responded to the announcement that TMG v1.2 is shipping.

>  I don't know how many times I've read the Bug Watch section in PC World
>magazine and found that they were talking about something I had on my PC.  
>I believe that if a product is thoughly tested before it is released you 
>will have saved everyone and yourself a MAJOR headache.     

It would be foolish for me to expect or promise that there won't be ANY problems upgrading to v1.2. We've done an awful lot of testing on a lot of different machines and configurations to avoid any major problems and we're confident that TMG v1.2 is extremely stable and well tested.

But when problems come up, we stand ready with our tech support staff who, most would agree, provides competent and timely support on a level which rivals all others. In addition, we are proud of the network of beta testers and experienced users around the world who frequently pitch in of their own accord to answer questions for new users. Help is always nearby.

But in recognition of that fact that all software needs to be updated periodically and as a means of providing new features and bug fixes in a more timely manner, TMG v1.2 comes equipped with a new interim update system which can be implemented by registered users through free downloaded "patches." As minor patches might accumulate, we will distribute them to all registered users through a regular mailed update - but in the meantime you can get a quick solution to your problem.

As you will also learn from the v1.2 package material, we have redoubled our concentration on our newsletter, TMG News, and expect much more regular editions from now on. More than just promotional material - we always take pains to pack the newsletter with substantive tutorial columns and innovative ways to apply TMG's tools. The next edition (coming with v1.2) has articles about preparing for narrative reports, source citation rules, recording places as subjects, and putting witnesses to work - all articles submitted by beta testers and users with varying experience.

And in response to user suggestions, we have decided to provide the text of TMG News at no charge on electronic services such as CompuServe, Internet, and our own BBS! Subscriptions will still be offered to those without a modem or who prefer a polished hard copy. Refunds are offered to current subscribers who prefer to download future editions.

A few of the many ways in which we are responding to the suggestions of our users....


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L.A.W. 23 April 1995