Press Release 23 Jan 1998

The Master Genealogist for Windows v3.5
Shipping in Gold and Silver Editions

On 23 January 1998, Wholly Genes Software took the opportunity of the genealogy Technology (GENTECH) Conference in Ft. Wayne, Indiana to announce a pending update to The Master Genealogist (TMG).  Version 3.5 will add many enhancements to the product which was already described by industry watchers as "the one that ‘does it all’" and extends TMG’s reputation for setting new standards in genealogical software.

In addition, Wholly Genes Software announced new lower prices and the availability of v3.5 in two configurations: the Gold Edition and the Silver Edition as described further below.

Among the many new features in TMG/Win v3.5 (both editions):

New! Fully-customizable toolbar gives you control to change icons, rearrange, delete, and even add new buttons to trigger any program function. 

New! Tooltips (aka bubble help) displays descriptive messages when the mouse points to a toolbar button.

New! Improved interface, including improved mouse behavior, and more hotkeys in response to user requests.

New! View History remembers up to the last 35 views that were accessed in the current session.

New! Check for Duplicate People feature uses customizable threshholds to identify likely candidates to merge.

New! Source Citations automatically constructed using selectable or user-definable rules (Elizabeth Shown Mills, Richard Lackey, or custom)

New! Quick Add feature to add a new person without exiting an event screen.

New! Many More Report Formats including List of Places, List of Witnesses, List of Tag Types, Relationship Chart, Kinship report, Data Set Information, Statistical Report.

New! Include photographs in some reports to add life and fun to your output.

New! Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) allows report output to be loaded automatically into your word processor, database, or spreadsheet program.

Improved! Merge People feature now uses split and combined screens to compare two people and choose individual tags to be included in the merge.

Improved! HTML output produces smaller files for faster downloading.

Improved! Backup and restore produces smaller files and is now fully compatible with the industry standard PKZIP(tm) v2.04g

Improved! International Translation of report output.

Improved! Sentence construction supports new variables.

Improved! Accent feature now works on the Picklist.

Improved! Bookmarks can now be defined for ten different screens at once.

Improved! Date Fields are longer and include new support for "say" dates and "from ... to" dates.

Improved! The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy now includes the latest revision of that valuable reference book from Ancestry, Inc. (available on CD-ROM only).


Two Editions

With the release of version 3.5, The Master Genealogist will be available in two editions:

THE SILVER EDITION includes the backbone of TMG v3.0, rated by industry watchers as "the premier genealogy program for the serious genealogist", an on-disk reference manual, PLUS the enhancements to v3.5 as described in this material - all at a budget price.

THE GOLD EDITION is our premier product and includes native output to your word processor, several other advanced reporting functions, the National Geographic Names Database, the valuable reference material of the Ancestry Genealogy Library(tm), and a printed reference manual.

The following chart itemizes the difference between these two packages:  (Coming Soon)


Update Information

Registered users of TMG/Win v3.0 will be able to upgrade to TMG/Win v3.5 GOLD EDITION with a
free download from our web page. Alternatively, v3.5 will be available to registered users on CD-ROM for $19.95 plus shipping.

Registered users who purchased TMG/Win after 1 Dec 1997 will receive the upgrade to TMG/Win Gold Edition on CD-ROM. Those who purchased directly from Wholly Genes Software for $129.00 during that period will also receive a $30.00 rebate.

More information about TMG/Win
Download a free demo
Download the v3.5 update

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