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La Porte, Texas Elementary
Virtual 5th grade Class Reunion
of Mrs. Bradley's 1979-80 class!

This site is the result of three things: 

  1. the online reunion of Kevin Bilberry, Stephanie Donnellan, and me
  2. my scanner. 
  3. the fun we have had reminiscing, especially about that Talent Show we did! 

And we all seemed to agree that 5th grade was the most fun we had as kids, before all the angst of puberty set in.   My memories of 5th grade are the best memories I have of elementary school (3rd grade is a close second).  The last year of childhood!

So I'm putting this site up, hoping other classmates will find us.  I'm including all my class pictures from elementary school, which you can see by clicking on the links to the left.


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