Close Encounters of the Musical Kind

(aka Miss Crow's Talent Show)

Nobody ever had a talent show like we did.  Heck, nobody else at our school ever even had a talent show! 

Remember the program?

am I forgetting anything?

Okay, I have a few pictures!  Stephanie sent them to me.  They're not great photographic art but I think I was able to tweak them enough with the scanning software to make them recognizable (sorry, can't do anything about blur).  I also have one picture of me in the outfit I wore that day;  would you believe my mother took pictures that very morning for our family Christmas Cards, but she didn't bring the camera to the show??   Anyway, here goes:

Click on the pictures to see cropped enlargments:

Stephanie:  Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue (2342 bytes) Debbie as Construction Worker (2364 bytes) Laura (1487 bytes) Tim!  (3797 bytes) Background People (3797 bytes)

First is Stephanie singing Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue, with her blue stretch pants;  Debbie as the Construction Worker in the Village People YMCA (because Mike Gibson finked out or something);  Laura dressed for Hopelessly Devoted to You;  Tim as Elvis;  and a second enlargement of Tim's picture which is overexposed so that you can see the people in the background:  Isabel Salinas, Roy Erskin, Noelle Doize, and I think the person who's cut in half on the far right in the blue shirt is Venessa Ochoa or perhaps Sandra Guzman, but I don't know who the person on the right in the white shirt is.

We need some more pictures!!