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La Porte Elementary
Mrs Nelson's 6th Grade Choir

Miss Crow and Mrs Nelson, kneeling
1st row Left to Right:
Donald Toups, Steven Williams, Michael Hall, Shatel Patel, Sandra Guzman, Wayne Smith, Brian O'Bannon, Jeff Williams, Maria Lugo, Debbie Hill, Laura McClellan, Vanessa Ochoa, Edgar Taylor
2nd row Left to Right:
Jeff Carpenter, Carey Rhoden, Janna Greer, Jennifer Carr, ?, Darren Johnston, Brad Dearing, Kimmy Washington, Consuelo Ortega, Debbie Owen(?), Yolanda Brown, Belinda Covarrubias, Frances Colandangelo
3rd row Left to Right:
Shannon Domingue, Lindsay Price, Michael Gibson, Carla Delong, ?, Donna Bryant, ?, Tammy Christiansen, Darren Johnston, Charles McCovery, Jackie Allen, Martha Cowins, ?
4th row Left to Right:
Yvonne James, ?, Noelle Doize, Delta Williamson, ?, Petra Rivers, Jana Mochman, ?, Shannon Burton, Ricky Blake, Betty Denny, Suzanne Graves, Isabel Salinas, ?
Not pictured:  Laura Wallace

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